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We are an OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) regulated practice of leading UK immigration lawyers, specialising in all aspects of UK immigration law, including asylum, immigration appeals, asylum appeals, visa applications, marriage applications, human rights applications, leave to remain cases, settlement applications, EEA cases, deportation, removal and business immigration cases.

Our immigration consultants are on the OISC's searchable database of accredited experts in the field of UK Immigration Law. 

So why not contact us today for further advice and information with one of our friendly immigration advisers.

Call us today on 020 8252 8458. You can also e-mail us at

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To find out whether there are good prospects of success in any immigration application, we offer detailed immigration advice/full consultation. The consultation can be provided over the phone or face to face in our office. The consultation fee is £100. If you decide to instruct us, the consultation fee will be discounted from the fee quoted to handle your immigration matter.

To book a consultation, call 020 8252 8458 or use the Paypal button below: 


Document Checking Service 

If you need your Immigration application checked by experienced, expert lawyers before sending it off, our document checking service promises you high quality feedback. We will highlight any missing document or information or any potential reasons for refusal for only £249.99. Please call 020 8252 8458. 


Same Day Visa Service

We are registered with the Home Office, Public Enquiry Office (PEO), for a Same Day Visa Service (Premium Service) and our immigration consultants can submit your application to the Home Office PEO by hand and get an instant decision on your application. 

If you need an appointment for Same Day Service (Premium Service), you must instruct us for this at least six weeks before the date for which an appointment is needed. 

To instruct us concerning Same Day Service (Premium Service), please contact us on 020 8252 8458. 

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